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Mid-century modern adapted, propelled and repositioned furniture design. As a movement, it’s devoted to timeless functionalism, pioneering for articles that set up homes in ways that last. Focusing on keen linearity, contrasting curves, visible ballast and hard-set fluidity, it seeks to address what objects can and can’t do, asking how function can be found in the rawest of materials.  As the boundaries between spaces blur, ways of living adjust and practical ease is positioned at the forefront, the organic shapes and natural colour palette of the style set it up to flourish.

Our Collection

Our collection achieves profound scope, promoting a sense of openness. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, emphasising the durability inherent to its making. A focus on well-made, self-possessed stability sits in each of our items, promoting a collection that visually confesses prominence, with pieces gratefully complementing each other to create a unified, cohesive space.

Home Accessories That Reinterpret Space

Abundant with simplicity, mid-century modern is a movement bedecked in praise for fine lines, consistency and raw material. The furniture from the period combines functionality, pragmatism and form, appealing to the senses by promoting a sense of balance. Emphasising minimalism, yet incorporating lively colours, prints and patterns, the fixtures of the decor parade a sculptural finish, invoking a sleek stylistic upgrade that’s fully pared back.

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Trademarks & Tributes to the Design Era

For a philosophy that ensures every element fulfils a purpose, styles of the era are characterised by stark and pragmatic harmony. The dedication to natural materials and unadorned surfaces, showcasing the inherent attraction of wood, metal, and glass, demonstrates an earthy appeal, culminating in finished articles that reflect the qualities they are made from. Exemplifying this objective, furniture often features organic outlines, prominent angles and curved yet highly restrained shapes, seamlessly integrating with their surroundings to enhance the flow of the space. 

Our Founder

Beata Szabo, owner of Living In Style Gallery, discovered her passion for Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern furniture whilst living in Paris. Widely regarded as a connoisseur and expert in Mid-Century Modern, Vintage, Retro and Contemporary European Furniture, she owns a gallery in Budapest, working with over 25 years of experience in sourcing. Her creative eye pulls pieces with real integrity into inspection, summoning collections that are vitally resplendent across furniture, lighting, mirrors and accessories.

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Our Luxury Mid-Century Modern Furniture Gallery

Mid-century modern art proffers a sculptural sweep that intakes furniture, objects and practical articles into its expanse. We select pieces that embody elegance in shape, structure, and stature, making a statement through their inherent simplicity. Our items showcase the value of history, the value of time and the value of identity, chosen for their classicism to foster a refined approach to the art of decor.

Visit Our Exhibition of Rare & Raw Mid-Century Vintage Furniture in Marylebone

Our gallery is located in the heart of the antique district, posing as a prominent space that’s representative of artistic movement, creative fixation and the potential of design. Book a private viewing to tour our space, see our globally sourced exhibition and get a personal quote on pieces available to purchase.

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