Minimalism, Geometry & Natural Elements in Vintage Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Finding pieces that stand out for their minimalism in today’s maximalist market requires an eye for detail. The answer? Mid-century modern. Putting simplicity prominently at the forefront, the movement sources such reductivism, prioritising things that have integrity in the way they are made. Soft curves, modern shapes and elongated elements define the sense of craft at the core of the revolution, honouring the way self-possessed items can really flow into each other.

Mid-Century Magic Box Desk by Mummenthaler & Meier, Switzerland, 1955

What is Mid-Century Modern?

Unfussy, slick and simple, the style changed how spatial elements perform, addressing interiors by undressing them to their raw state. As a movement, it sees fluid shapes shaped from wood, metal, concrete, glass or stainless steel working to imbue a sense of purpose, stark and bold against the tendency to decorate with abundance. The style recognises the ease that comes with a neutral perspective, concerned with stripping away unnecessary ornament and really getting to the essence of a design gesture. The clarity of vision that comes from paring back is innately communicative, allowing design to speak to space in new ways.

What Are We Looking For?

The restraints of the mid-century modern era saw it raise new design elements, allowing the rudimentary appeal it pioneers to characterise the way furniture presents itself. Low-profile, organic low sideboards, wooden armed chairs and rosewood desks, based on formica, chrome, acrylics and vinyl appear in abundance, creating sleek amplifiers of space that show-off jaunty angles, offset forms and outrageous definition. Curves add a sense of movement, with subtle details such as tapered legs or sprawling arms adding visual interest. Light plays its part, with wall sconces or floor lamps that feature interesting designs, while a colour palette of muted tones, juxtaposing earthy greens, oranges and browns alongside neutral greys and whites, creates a warm atmosphere, infused with abstract prints, photographs or sculpture to highlight the geometry of a space.

Lines, Contours & Character

Rooted in function, clean lines and simplicity, mid-century modern furniture reflects a focus on straightforward choices. Simple, functional wooden pieces made from teak and curved designs reign supreme. Echoing a need and desire for harmonious furniture and decor, the movement embodies what it means to curate spaces based on practicality, moving away from ornate traditions and pitching raw materials in a rebellious streak. The result? Organic ways of living, defined by an acute attention to detail that elevates the feeling of being placed in place.

How We Source

As mid-century furniture dealers in London, we source globally, finding furniture intended for everyday use. We choose one-off pieces that are elegant in shape, structure and stature, prominent in a way that allows simplicity to reign. Our articles demonstrate value and history, selected for their elementary classicism, creating a poised and sophisticated environment.

View Vintage Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Living in Style Gallery in Marylebone

Concerned with ideas of exposure, raw states and outline, our exhibition of pieces for purchase represents the unlimited potential of the new territory mid-century modern style went into. Book a private viewing to tour our space, view our signature pieces and get a quote provided on request.

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