Our Extensive Collection of Mid-Century Modern Furniture in London

At Living in Style Gallery, one of the most reputable mid-century furniture retailers in London, we are passionate about a design movement that transcends mere trends: Mid-Century Modern. This captivating era, spanning roughly 1945 to 1975, continues to inspire design enthusiasts with its unique blend of retro charm and timeless elegance.

The Allure of Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern furniture embodies a spirit of clean lines, organic shapes, and a creative marriage of contrasting materials. Sleek sofas juxtaposed with rounded armchairs, all bathed in a palette of sophisticated neutrals like white, grey, and olive green. 

Pops of colour emerge in deep browns, muted mustards, and oranges, while natural wood tones provide warmth and grounding. Geometric patterns, block colours, and curves are often complemented by the luxurious touch of marble or bronze.

A Curated Collection - Vintage Furniture in North London

Living in Style Gallery offers a portal to this incredible era, with items selected by the owner and connoisseur of European furniture, Beata. Featuring selectively sourced mid-century modern furniture, our furniture shop on Church Street, near Alfies Antique Market, showcases lighting, unique furniture, and accessories. 

Beata brings her 25+ years of experience to London after conquering Paris and Budapest, selecting each piece with a discerning eye for both style and quality.

High-End Mid-Century Modern Home Decor

  • Reputable Suppliers: We source our vintage furniture primarily from small, family-run ateliers in Europe. This means exceptional and reliable craftsmanship. Many of our items are made-to-order, offering a variety of fabric and colour options to seamlessly integrate with your existing décor. Our vintage and modern furniture pieces in London are sourced from several dealers across the globe, with many items dated for authenticity.
  • Mirrors Reflecting Style: Mid-century modern mirrors are a statement piece in themselves. We offer a stunning selection, showcasing unique shapes and a fascinating range of materials, from the warmth of bamboo to the elegance of bronze.
  • Furniture as Focal Point: Mid-century modern furniture is known for its bold shapes and innovative use of materials. Think iconic pieces like the “baseball glove chair” – these conversation starters will ensure your living space never goes unnoticed.
  • Lighting that Elevates: Living in Style Gallery boasts a dazzling array of Mid-Century Modern lighting at our London showroom. Dramatic chandeliers, eye-catching lamps – each piece offers a unique blend of form and function, a timeless style that continues to enthral.

Explore Our Mid-Century Modern Furniture Collection in North London

Mid-Century Modern’s continuous popularity is a testament to its versatility. These pieces seamlessly integrate with other design aesthetics, offering a window into a bygone era while remaining undeniably relevant today.

Visit Living in Style Gallery, one of the leading mid-century furniture shops in London, and discover the appeal of this iconic era. Embrace the enduring legacy of this design movement and browse our collections today.

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