Sofa, So Good! Mine's a Bellini... Mario Bellini.

So as we emerge from lockdown and start to go out, if you’re looking for some retro or vintage style to add a splash of colour to your interior design take a look at this original 1970’s Camaleonda Sofa – designed by Italian Mario Bellini.

Born in 1935, Mario Bellini was both an architect and designer. Most known for his work as chief design consultant for Olivetti, he was also known for his furniture design and for his work with the car maker Renault.

Now these modular “Camaleonda” sofa which were first launched in the 1970’s and became know for it’s bulbous bubble shape. According to Architectural Digest have been making a bit of a comeback and are now very much back in fashion and back in production

These original models date back to the 1970’s . The 6 piece model retains in an “understated” orange has kept it’s original upholstery. Or you may prefer something althogether creamier to sink into, like the 5 piece reupholsterd piece in greige.

So if you’re looking for an escape from your armchair dinners, want to cushion your exit from lockdown with some interior décor restyling then don’t be a slouch look no further.

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